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DONATE to Help AFJ Meet the Moment


$200 towards $500

Join me as I work to support Avenues for Justice (AFJ) as they Meet the Moment for New York City youth.

My name is Stephanie Porto and my passion lies in mutual aid, reformative justice and story telling. I'm excited about working with and supporting Avenues for Justice as they create a dynamic and nurturing environments for young people going thru the destabilizing experience of the judicial system. Let's ensure the continued ability for AFJ to do the good work through our generous contributions.

Over the past three months, I have been truly amazed at the team’s efforts to provide needed support to their program participants. Even during a pandemic and in the face of an economic downturn that has affected their funding, they have managed to move their operation online to serve more than 300 youth. They’ve provided everything from laptops and cell phones to allow youth to remain connected to groceries and funds for utilities to youth whose families lost jobs during the pandemic. All the while, they have continued to provide advocacy to support them as they navigate the court system, a system that often focuses on the punitive in lieu of a plan that addresses their needs and puts them on a path towards a better future

To see what your gift can do in action, please check out this video about Elsie Flores, a one-time AFJ youth that overcame tremendous obstacles to earn her Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice from John Jay. She also is a member of AFJ’s staff.

Your support goes a long way towards helping AFJ meet this current moment, serving youth in their programs during this time of need.

Much Love,